You must have a valid passport to enter Israel. Passports must be valid for six months after entry and for the duration of your stay. If you do not have a valid passport, you should apply immediately. If you hold an Israeli passport, you will need to present it upon arrival.

Student Visa

Students admitted to an Israeli academic institution are required to obtain an A2 student visa from an Israeli consulate or embassy; or they can enter Israel with a B2 tourist visa and receive an A2 student visa through the Ministry of Interior upon arrival in Israel. The A2 visa is valid for up to one year and must be renewed annually. To obtain a visa, the student needs to conduct an interview with the Ministry of Interior. The cost of this visa is 175 NIS.

Health Insurance

Every international student must purchase health insurance during their stay in Israel.Each university may have specific requirements or recommended providers.


In all the universities in Israel, the safety of students is a top priority.  Security personnel are responsible for guarding all entrances to the campus 24 hours a day and for patrolling the campus and dormitory areas. When students enter the campus or dormitory area, they need to show their student ID or ID card and offer their bag or baggage for a security check. In general, the security departments of universities maintain close ties with the government security agencies.