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Yu Jinjin

Ben Gurion University

BGU is one of the best Universities in Israel. There are many international students and multi-cultural study environment. The professors here are kind and knowledgeable. I had a magnificent experience here ! Knowledgeable

Yabing Hu

Tel Aviv University

"I am very honored to have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel. I have always dreamed to be a good electrical engineer like my grandfather. This project has successfully helped me realize my dream. During the four years in TAU, there were a lot of interesting courses, excellent teachers and great students of my age. The study in Tel Aviv has laid a solid foundation for my future studies. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. It is the best choice in my life to have the opportunity to study at Tel Aviv University!"

Mingrui Wu

Bar Ilan University

Unlike other Israeli universities, IDC is the only Israeli private university recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Nearly a third of international students here come from different countries and regions outside Israel. Many universities and companies in other countries have cooperation with IDC. I have learned many times that China's top companies and schools have come to IDC to study various projects. I often hear different languages when walking around the campus, and I really like the international atmosphere here

Nevet Tachnai

Bar Ilan University

The modes of thinking I developed during my studies allowed me to turn my biggest love - English literature! - into a tool with which to find my place in the Israeli publishing world. I would not have succeeded in this without the dedicated guidance of the excellent lecturers and teaching assistants, each of whom gave me and my friends personal attention - investing in us all along the way. It was evident that the faculty and staff truly cared about the students and about the subjects being taught, and their enthusiasm was contagious, getting the students excited as well

Li Ang

Bar Ilan University

“I chose to study Communications and Political Science at Bar-Ilan University after searching for institutions in the USA and Israel. I liked the major and the program offered at Bar-Ilan and was intrigued by Israel. The combination of excellent academics and emphasis on Jewish tradition has made it more interesting for me and I actually took an academic course in Bible this year. After the first year of the program, I am very happy with my choice, lecturers are excellent and challenge us in the class room and outside, university staff is patient and helpful and all the required resources are provided to me. I look forward to returning for my next year of study

Shanshan Liang

Hebrew University

Its amazing to be able to study at one of Israel’s finest institutions right in the heart of this ancient city

Yunzhou Zhang


Technion opened great opportunities for me, its one of the world’s prominent engineering schools. After graduating from Technion, I was admitted for masters at Cornell – USA in Transportation Engineering. Today I work as algorithm engineer at DIDI in Beijing. I liked studying in Israel because it was a great chance to see the world and Israel is an extraordinary experience, because of the history, culture and religion. One experience that changed my life was having a 28-yearold Israeli freshmen as my dorm mate. In Israel, most students serve 2-3 years in the army and still Israel is a leader in so many fields. In China we lived in a rush style. That experience changed my way of thinking, not to rush all the time.

Benjiming Peng


IDC is all about Diversity, Inclusivity and Practicability. I enjoyed the academic and innovative atmosphere at IDC, as it is a start-up university by itself, and it nurtured so many successful technology start-ups in Israel and worldwide, I'm proud of it."

Xiaoxing Zheng

Bar Ilan University

“In 2014, I was honored to receive a full scholarship from Bar-Ilan University for the international MBA. This program brought me to Israel, where I learned not only about business but also the mentality of the Israelis. Based on what I learned, I launched the first China Innovation Center in Israel, which is widely regarded as the main bridge of the innovative ecosystem between China and Israel. Unlike other universities in Israel, Bar-Ilan University offers a traditional Jewish environment that is highly complementary to the high-tech environment of Tel Aviv. I remember one of my classmates, an American Orthodox rabbi who always came up with a brilliant idea of cultural connotation. I also remember I made traditional Hamantaschen to celebrate the Purim festival and dressed up to attend a party in Tel Aviv at the next day. Because of the differences in learning and lifestyle, I look at Israeli culture in a comprehensive manner. As a foreign student, I am very grateful for this experience. I hope more students could see its value.