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Studying and Experiencing Entrepreneurship in Israel - Part 1

Israel has long been considered as one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial countries in the world, the “Start-up Nation”.

It is a good question if you can really study entrepreneurship. The phenomena of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation can be explained and learned on psychology, economy, technology and financial levels but will a course or internship make an entrepreneur – hard to say, but definitely being in an environment that promotes new ideas and thinking out-of-the box and spending time learning from people who have been there can help you understand if entrepreneurship is for you and what kind of entrepreneur you want to be.

Israel is definitely the place to experience Entrepreneurship

According to the 2017-18 Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum, Israel ranks 3rd in the world for innovation and for the quality of its scientific research institutions out of 137 economies.

Israel is the 3rd most educated country among OECD countries (OECD 2018) with 51% of its population completed tertiary education.

Israel ranks 5th for innovation according to Bloomberg (2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index).

According to the 2018 Global Innovation Index, a joint publication of Cornell University, INSEAD and WIPO, Israel ranks:

  • 1st for researchers per population 

  • 1st for research talent in business enterprise, a newly introduced indicator to reflect the linkages in the innovation ecosystem. 

  • 1st for expenditure on R&D (% GDP)

  • 1st for venture capital deals (per GDP) 

  • 3rd for university-industry research collaboration

Tel-Aviv metropolitan is definitely Israel’s innovation hub, Tel-Aviv is ranked as the 5th best city for its technology talent pool (2019 Savills), #6th globally for its startup ecosystem out of 150 cities (2019 Startup Genome) and 7th among Green Cities (2017 Treepedia, MIT & World Economic Forum).

International Academic programs concentrating or promoting Entrepreneurship

In this, first, article we will give a general overview of the programs promoting entrepreneurship and focus on full-degree programs. In the next articles we will elaborate on  short programs and experiences as well as elaborate specific programs including interviews with leading entrepreneurship educators.

So where can you study entrepreneurship in Israel?

Entrepreneurship is taught and experienced in several academic institutions in Israel, several of them ranked as top entrepreneurial institutions globally. Programs are arranged by the Alphabetical order of the institutions with (tuition).

At the Masters’ level, we can point X programs that encourage or promote entrepreneurship, most of which are MBA programs.

Bar-Ilan MBA - One-year International MBA program focusing on entrepreneurship, global management, finance and marketing taught in the Bar-Ilan campus in Tel Aviv Campus and is the oldest international MBA program in Israel ($23,000).

Ben-Gurion University - One-year international MBA program focusing on general management, innovation and entrepreneurship, taught at the Ben-Gurion campus in Beer Sheva ($10,000).

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - One-year International Start-up MBA 360’ - is a newly launched program focusing on entrepreneurship with 2 internship opportunities in a VC investment fund and a start-up company. The program aims to give its students the full 360 view of start-up and tech industry ($30,000).

IDC (Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya) - One-year Global MBA program focusing on  management of fast-growth, competitive companies. The program is taught in the IDC campus in Herzliya, the most international campus in Israel with 25% international students ($25,100)

Tel-Aviv University - SOFAER Global MBA Program - one-year MBA program taught at Tel-Aviv University campus. SOFAER is the largest international MBA program in Israel and Tel-Aviv University is constantly ranked among the most entrepreneurial universities in the world ($41,500).

University of Haifa - One-year International MBA Program focusing on innovation and business in Asia. University of Haifa boasts on strong connections and partnerships with universities in China and the Far-East ($10,690)

All MBA programs start in the Fall and some require short pre-studies from students who don’t have any business background. All programs are taught in English and require work experience and GMAT as part of the admissions. The Bar-Ilan MBA allows students with more than 5 years’ work experience, admissions without GMAT.

We want to highlight three other programs that promote entrepreneurship -

The IDC in Herzliya offers 9 Bachelor undergraduate programs taught entirely in English - two of them - B.A. in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship and Computer Science & Entrepreneurship give great focus on starting new companies and allow students to, also, participate in the Zell Entrepreneurship program that has led to the development of countless successful start-ups by IDC graduates and students.

IDC bachelor programs take 3 years to complete and tuition is $13,990 with partial scholarships available for candidates demonstrating excellence.

The IDC also offers one-of-its-kind MA Program in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The program is offered by the miLAB (Media Innovation Lab) and ARL (Advanced Reality Lab) at the School of Communications providing students the methodologies and skills required to lead user-centered products in technology companies, interactive experiences in design companies, and cutting-edge research in academic and industry innovation labs.

The program takes one-year to complete and tuition is $20,000 (may change slightly due to NIS rate).

In the next article we will cover short term programs and experiences focusing on entrepreneurship. EDUNATION - Israel - was established to let you learn about Israel as a study destination.

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