Tel Aviv University is one of Israel's leading centers for higher learning, providing an education for 30,000 students, ranked among the finest in the world. It is comprised of 126 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and arts, and a campus as dynamic and multidimensional as Israel itself.

Attracting the brightest minds from across the country and around the globe, the university is distinguished by its emphasis on excellence and its pioneering, multidisciplinary approach to research. As a result, TAU is one of Israel's most important research centers, engaged in more than 5,000 innovative projects in classic disciplines and in cutting-edge fields, from bioinformatics to nanotechnology. 

That is why more than 150 of the world's leading academic and corporate institutions regularly conduct joint programs on campus.

TAU also helps shape Israel's social future, opening the doors of knowledge and opportunity to all. The university’s faculty and students are part of the daily fabric of Tel Aviv life, reaching into the community in innumerable ways — from social welfare programs to legal clinics, from dental care to community theater, and from adult education to urban renewal.

In the fields of science, business, medicine, humanities, government, and  the arts , Tel Aviv University leads the way — expanding and enriching our shared future.

Founded: 1956

Students: 30,000 students; 14,000 are MSc/PhD; International students: 2500;

International alumni: 15,000  

Ranking: in top 200 universities worldwide; Engineering – top 75 worldwide Constantly ranked in top 20 most entrepreneurial universities in the world in all measures